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Welcome to Tree Climbing USA and the World of Recreational and Experiential Tree Climbing

Kids in TreeWelcome to Tree Climbing USA! Our purpose in developing this site is to increase your awareness and knowledge of tree climbing. By doing this, we hope to capture both your interest and your business. We are aware that tree climbing, as with any adventure, can be defined as an undertaking of uncertain outcome. Thus, we strive to maintain our standards of excellence as they relate to safety, quality of training, and facilitation. It is our goal to maintain our position as a leader in recreational, educational, and experiential tree climbing. We also support individuals, groups and organizations seeking adaptive or research-oriented tree climbing.

As you set out gathering information about the unique pastime of tree climbing, take a moment and reflect back to your youth and think of that tree in your parents' yard or at your grandparents' house or down the street in your neighborhood, that tree that called you into its branches to view a bird's nest or to get away from a dreaded sibling or just to view the world from a different Abeperspective. Our reasons for climbing were varied, but the experiences of joy, excitement, and adventure were common to us all. The usual method of youthful climbing was free style, from branch to branch, without a thought about using a rope, and there was always the caution from the ground of "You be careful!" or "You get down from there right now before you break this or that or the other thing." However, for some of us, once the coast was clear, off we would go into the canopy once again.

Years pass and we go from the play of childhood to the work of adulthood. Once there, we find ourselves wrapped up in the seriousness of life, leaving the youthful activities to others. Well, prepare yourself, because tree climbing is an adventure for all ages and abilities. Your purpose for climbing may be to revisit your childhood or to get off the couch and exercise in a natural setting rather than going to a gym. It may be to explore places usually visited only by birds or other critters. It may be for scientific reasons such as canopy research, Some may just want to be above it all! Whatever the reason, come join us on rope and climb your favorite tree - or one of ours.

Tree Climbing USA is about having safe fun, exploring our natural environment, and learning about ourselves. Your purpose for tree climbing may be about enjoyment, becoming one with nature, fulfilling an ancestral calling, or just leaving earth with all its issues and problems for a brief time.

Tree climbing could be but is not competitive; rather, it is reflective and personal. It is not about ego, being better than or winning and losing. Nor is it about claiming a prize or going for the gold. It is laid back yet exciting, intense without being extreme, and it is old fashioned, deep fun. Finding a special canopy is part of the excitement as is sharing that special tree with others.

Whatever your motivation, tree climbing can assure you opportunities to experience pure fun in a natural way. So come join us in the canopy.

Safety in and for the Trees Worldwide!

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