*For specific information regarding any of the programs offered by TCUSA, please call Abe Winters at 770-487-6929.

1. Introductory Climbs - These are held at a predetermined location each month on the second Sunday from 2 to 5 PM, year round. One does not need to pre-register for this climb. Our primary grove location is at Lake Horton here in Fayette County. We have been holding these climbs since March 1996 and have been rained out only 4 times. These climbs are sanctioned by Tree Climbing USA and we subcontract our services with the Fayette County Recreation and Parks Association, the first county in the nation to offer tree climbing.

2. Festival Climbs - At present, we are facilitating four festivals each year. These are grand times for the hosts of the festivals as well as for the climbers. Often climbers climb and say their goodbyes, only to return the following year a little older with a smile on their faces to match their determination and off they go once again into the canopy. Our stalwart festivals are spring and fall in Sharpsburg, GA. Also we climb each fall with the Kentucky Arborculture Association. Another spring festival is the Dawes Arboretum Arbor Day. With this type of climbing, a maximum number can climb in a day's time. However, time in the tree and on rope is reduced. This climb, like the introductory, requires no prior signing up by the participants, but does require a contract with TCUSA as to specifics of the proposed climb.

3. Event Climbs - These are for special times such as with birthday parties, church groups, scouts, schools, and others. These are pre-arranged with numbers, location, goals, ages, abilities, etc. established and held as a private gathering. Their general time frame is shorter than a festival climb; however, individual attention and time on rope is increased proportionate to staff and size of the group. These can go hand in hand with a message the group wishes to impart to the participants, or it can go strictly with the theme of having fun.

4. Expeditions - This is always an exciting topic, as we leave the tame trees of established groves and strike off to the unknown and the wild trees of the forest or swamp. Since backpacking isn't my main thing, not much hoisting and toting is done on our expeditions; however, canoeing and the use of a john boat to get us into the back country is a standard. During these times, camping is our mainstay. On occasion and quite within my definition of wilderness climbing, one could stay at a motel in the general area with hot showers and restaurants to meet those needs. This approach may offend some, and for them the wilds are always available. For our yearly rainforest expedition in January, we contract with the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation on the Isle of Colon, Panama.

So, when was the last time you climbed a tree? Have we whetted your appetite? Are you ready? We are, and any reason to get ourselves and/or others into a canopy is an adventure worth bringing together. Contact us and we will be glad to fill you in on our prices and schedules.



*All group and/or individual classes (basic, facilitation, and advanced) may be scheduled by calling Abe Winters at 770-487-6929. Price information will be provided upon request.

Primary Classes:

The Basics
This class is for the individual who wishes to gain entry into the canopy for any number of reasons(Pleasure, Recreation, Edge-ucation, Research, Experiential, and to some degree Commercial/Professional, etc.). This class covers double rope technique, accessing the canopy, movement within, decending to the ground, equipment and equipment care, basic tree selection and care, safety issues, shout calls and opportunities for future climbs with others in Tree Climbing USA. This class is designed to cover 18-20 hours of training and normally begins on Fridays at 1pm and concludes on following Sunday at 5pm (3 days). However, based on student's and instructor's calendars, classes can begin on any day of the week. Class ratio is no greater than 3:1. When additional students are being trained, additional instructors are employed.

We recommend students not to buy equipment until after class as student will be much more informed as to kind and amount to buy at that time. For the class TCUSA will provide equipment, supporting written data, and our TCUSA Manual. This class can be taught individually at a slightly higher price and with advanced approval by TCUSA. Pricing information is available upon request.

Facilitator Course
This course is designed for individuals, camps, organizations, schools, and existing experiential programs which desire to develope a tree climbing program for their clientele or populations. The class covers basic tree climbing skills, rescue, rigging, facilitation, and programing and can be taught in a six day block or two three day blocks. It is designed to be taught either at our grove here in Fayette County or at the student's location. If the later, certain specifics in the development of your grove must be met prior to the beginning of training. Pricing information is available upon request.


Advanced Classes: (These classes are taught by affiliated instructors)

Beyond the Basics
This course is designed for the climber who is already familiar with the material taught in the Basic Tree Climbing Course, and who wishes to expand on his or her climbing ability. The course is designed to give the climber more options in approaching difficult climbing situations. Single rope technique, alternative rigging methods, and an expanded variety of entry access techniques make this course attractive for those wishing to explore a variety of climbing options. Climbing wild trees is an integral part of the curriculum for those wishing to do so.

Adaptive Rigging Course
This course is designed to present facilitators with a variety of methods that will enable them to effectively work with physically challenged persons as well as those who simply are out of shape and need an easier method of access into the arboreal canopy. A number of various rigging methods and techniques are addressed.


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